A Company That Does Auto Tint in Connecticut Dispels Myths in Favor of Benefits

by | Nov 14, 2013 | Film and Tinting

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The business of auto glass tint has taken a bad wrap, as it has been associated with drug dealers and cop killers; as a result, we tend to think of tinted windows as illegal altogether. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, many businesses use tint for their offices. There are many valuable advantages of having tinted windows. First, let’s explore some myths about tinted glass and get to the truth. Tint Master, a company that does auto tint in Connecticut, is located in New London, and they want to put your fears or questions to rest concerning automobile tint.

1. The biggest myth is the one of “too dark.” People associate tints with being dark and gloomy, making it difficult to see through them. This is untrue; there are many variations of tints, and some are even unnoticeable. Also, reputable tinting companies have to follow the percentage guidelines of their particular state. This is called the visible light transmission. In Connecticut, the VLT is 35%.

2. The next myth is the one of “too expensive.” The business of glass tinting has so many competitors that finding affordable, yet quality business is too easy. Do not let this be a stopper for you.

Dispelling the two major myths, let us consider the benefits of tinting. The tinting of automobile windows blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, which can cause harm to the body, premature aging or cancer. Window tints also keep your car 60% cooler from the sun’s blazing heat in the summer months. This saves on your air conditioning. Even in an accident, the tint on windows reduces the shattering of the window, keeping the broken glass in one piece.

This is just a little information that Tint Master wanted to put at your disposal, so when you need a company that does Auto tint in Connecticut, feel free to call on them. They are the only source for auto, residential and commercial tinting in the New London district. Along with auto tinting, they also offer installation of car paint protection film. They offer energy efficient tints for your home or office. The areas they serve include New London, Groton, Waterbury and all of Southeastern Connecticut.

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