Aerobic Septic Systems in Maui Need to be Pumped Regularly

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Water and Wastewater

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Homes that are not connected to a municipal water system have to have either a cesspool or a septic system. Aerobic Septic Systems in Maui cleanse the waste water before it leaves the leaching area and enters the public drinking water supply. Therefore there are only a few locations on Maui near Keokea that are allowed to have cesspools. That’s because there is no drinking water supply to protect. It is necessary to pump out a septic system on a regular basis to keep it working properly. Homeowners who don’t do this usually face costly repairs.

The size of a septic system is based on the size of the home and the number of bedrooms it has. This is usually considered the best predictor of how many people will be using the plumbing system. In addition to the toilets, all the other household functions that use water will be attached to the main sewer line that runs out to the septic system. This includes showers, baths, sinks and washing machines. When the waste water reaches the septic tank bacteria begin to process it. It breaks up as much of the solid waste as possible. The remainder of the solid waste becomes sludge and falls to the bottom of the tank. The remaining liquid waste floats to the top.

There are pipes located near the top of the tank that take the liquid effluent out into the leaching field. The pipes have small holes in them which allows the waste to be gradually released into the ground where it is further treated. Aerobic Septic Systems in Maui need to be pumped so that the sludge does not reach the pipes. When this happens they clog up the pipes. The homeowner doesn’t realize what has happened until the sewage backs up in their home. Unfortunately once the pipes have become clogged, pumping out the septic system is only a temporary fix. While it will allow the family to use the toilets an other appliances for a while, the only long-term solution is to replace the pipes and leaching field. To avoid this costly problem, homeowners should partner with valley isle pumping to determine an appropriate pumping schedule.

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