Care and Safety of Wire Ropes on Job Sites

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Care and Safety of Wire Ropes on Job Sites

If you work frequently with wire ropes for different applications, then you probably know how important it is to conduct proper maintenance. The life of wire rope in CT is very dependent upon proper maintenance. Improper maintenance is not only a safety hazard on job sites, but it can shorten the lifespan of a rope’s ability to function properly. Because Connecticut experiences a variety of different weather conditions throughout the year, machinery and equipment must be able to withstand different environmental conditions. With the right maintenance protocol, your job site will always be safe and your ropes will be able to perform competently.

The Strength of a Rope

One of the most important aspects of safety is using rope of the appropriate strength. A wire rope CT expert can easily tell you the maximum weight a particular rope can hold. If you will need to have something hanging off the rope for an extended period, you must have the proper strength. This includes making sure that any older rope is still able to withstand the maximum weight that it could originally.

As rope ages, it starts to break down and eventually it won’t be able to hold its original maximum weight. To prevent accidents, it’s a good idea to have a wire rope CT expert assess your current ropes to insure that you’re meeting safety standards. This is especially important if your job site it outside, where the ropes may be exposed to unexpected shocks or high winds.

Check for Corrosion and Metal Loss

It’s especially important to inspect your ropes for corrosion or metal loss. This occurs naturally over time from environmental factors, abrasion, and normal use. Loss and corrosion can cause a rope to work improperly, break, or weaken in strength. If you’re unsure how to inspect your ropes, contact a wire rope CT expert who can visit your job site and inspect your equipment. Get in touch with Bilco Wire Rope & Supply Corp. for more details!