Choosing the best hot tub

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Swimming Pools and Spas

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When a consumer is thinking about purchasing a hot tub spa in Cape Coral FL there are a number of things to consider. With a little forward thinking, the consumer can quickly come up with a list of those features that are important to them. As it is a competitive business, it is best to shop at several different outlets to make sure you get the best price as prices can vary wildly on similar tubs.

One thing that is very important to consider is how you plan on using the tub. If the plan is to use it during all four seasons it most certainly will need to be well insulated to hold in the heat during the colder months. Where the tub will be located is another main concern, if it is going to be set-up outside then extra insulation and weatherproofing will be a consideration whereas a tub installed indoors will not need these features. The actual location of the hot tub spa in Cape Coral, FL is also important as there will usually be a need for the plumbing and electrical systems to be extended to the site. It needs to be easy to get too and safety must be considered, especially if there are small children in the family.

The number of people that will share the tub at the same time will often be the deciding factor as to the shape. There are features of the tub that can enhance the enjoyment that one gets; the location of the jets, the number of jets, the shape and location of benches as well as lighting can add considerably to the fun. Hot tubs can be had in a variety of shapes; popular shapes are square and rectangle but oval, round and irregular shapes are readily available. The tub can be purchased in fiberglass or wood, usually cedar, they are both ideal for the use and the choice is personal.

Most hot tub spas in Cape Coral FL are heated by either gas or electricity. Regardless of the fuel, the tub must have temperature regulators which will prevent the water in the tub from getting too hot. Select a tub that has a close fitting cover that can be locked in place to avoid any possible accidents.