Choosing the Best Tire Dealer in Wichita KS

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Parts and Accessories

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They have an online form on the Website to fill out with the work needed and you’ll get a price quote on tires and repairs for your make and model of vehicle. Unless you want a major repair or huge overhaul completed, you’ll have your vehicle repaired before the day is out. With nine service bays being utilized at all times, repair work is affordable, efficient, quick and excellent.

Whether you have a car, truck, RV, ATV, farm or industrial equipment that needs tires or repairs, you can have them all serviced in one place in Wichita. It’s also a good idea to have alignment done, brakes checked, oil changed, radiators flushed and your entire air conditioning system repaired or replaced while you’re there. Any type of repair can be completed on your vehicle by the professional Tire Dealer Wichita KS residents have been trusting their vehicles to for over 75 years.

You can buy a battery, have a muffler changed and get the regular maintenance your vehicle needs a few times a year when you have your oil changed, such as brake, transmission and power steering fluid checked. Domestic or foreign cars are easily maintained, which is a plus, for foreign car owners who, normally, have had to pay high prices on repairs, plus endure a long wait for parts. Now, you can just fill out the quote form and have a service advisor call you back with an estimate on what the charges will be to have any type vehicle repaired.

The level of first class customer service is extremely high for this tire dealer who caters to customers like they’re gold. Since 1935, they’ve been the name that comes up when people talk about needing new tires and repairs to their vehicles and farm equipment. Word of mouth advertising by satisfied customers has built up a very large business. From businesses owning a fleet of vehicles needing repairs, to a farmer’s tractor needing tires, this company knows how important a vehicle is to each customer.