Decisions to be Made When Choosing Mattresses in Charlotte, NC

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Shopping

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Are you interested in purchasing some new Mattresses in Charlotte, NC? A great place to start your mattress search is Sweet Dreams Mattress and Furniture, where you will find an extremely large variety of Mattresses in Charlotte, NC. A mattress is a big purchase, so it is important to make sure you are selecting the most comfortable mattress for you and your sleeping partner. There are four main decisions that need to be made when purchasing a new mattress, and these are discussed below.

The first decision that needs to be made when purchasing new Mattresses in Charlotte NC is usually the easiest. What size mattress do you want to sleep on? There are generally seven different sizes to choose from in mattresses: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Queen RV, King, and California King. Once you have decided the perfect size mattress, your ready to continue to your second decision.

The second decision to be made when purchasing Mattresses in Charlotte, NC is what brand do you want your mattress to be? It is important to purchase a good quality mattress because your mattress should last you at least seven to ten years. One of the most recommended brands of Mattresses in Charlotte, NC is the Tempur-Pedic brand. Other popular mattress brands are ComforPedic by Beautyrest, icomfort by Serta, Beautyrest Black, i-series, Beautyrest Tru-energy, ComforPedic Loft, Serta Perfect Sleeper, and Southerland. Once you have decided upon a mattress size and brand, you are ready for your third decision.

The third decision you need to make when purchasing a new mattress is all about comfort. What comfort level do you and your sleeping partner need to get the best night’s sleep possible? The comfort levels for mattresses are divided into four main categories: Soft, Medium Soft, Medium Firm, and Firm. Mattress comfort is a very individual preference and is heavily influenced by sleep style and body type. For example, a person who sleeps on their side will most likely be more comfortable in a soft or medium soft bed whereas a stomach sleeper will generally be uncomfortable on a bed that soft.

The fourth and final decision you will need to make is the choosing of a foundation for your mattress. There are usually 3 different options available for the foundation: Adjustable Base, 5″ height, or 9″ height. The base will determine the overall height of your bed.