Finding a Company that Specializes in Bocce Ball Court Construction in Sarasota

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Courts and Surfaces

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Bocce Ball is an American sport that was introduced by Italian immigrants over 200 years ago. Since then, the popularity of bocce ball has grown exponentially and is a very popular game to play, especially in warmer weather climates like Sarasota, Florida. That’s why if you’re looking to construct a bocce ball court, you’ll need to look for companies that offer Bocce Ball Court Construction Sarasota. You may think that it would be somewhat difficult to find a construction company to handle this a very specific type of sports surface. However, in a city like Sarasota, you may find it easier than you had anticipated.

Bocce ball is a sport that is played outdoors and is a sport that is typically played in relatively warm weather. For the most part, this describes the weather that you’ll find in Sarasota Florida. Outside of the occasional afternoon thunderstorm over the summer, you can expect fairly warm and inviting temperatures year round and this is a great environment for bocce ball.

This area of Florida is also a popular place for tennis courts, shuffleboard courts and golf courses. That’s why if you’re looking for a company to handle the construction of a bocce ball court whether it’s at your business such as a hotel or resort or perhaps you want to put a bocce ball court in your backyard, you’ll find many companies that dedicate themselves to building tennis courts can also handle the construction of your bocce ball court. Whether you’re looking for the standard bocce ball court or you’re looking for something a bit more compact given your existing space, these construction companies can build you whatever size bocce ball court you’re looking for whether it’s a customized size or the standard 13′ x 91′ as stipulated by the United States Bocce Federation.

You could do an exhaustive search for companies that handle Bocce Ball Court Construction Sarasota or you can simply contact Stewart Tennis Courts & Fencing. Whether it’s a municipal bocce ball court or a private bocce ball court for a hotel, resort or for your home, you can contact this company about the construction of a bocce ball court. You can speak to them over the phone or you can simply go to their website to find out more information about the services they offer.

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