Freight Frights: The process of choosing a shipping company

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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It doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to send a care package to someone you love halfway across the country or if you’re figuring out truckload shipping for a multinational company. Finding a reliable shipping company is hard because there are too many

What are your options?

Different shipping companies offer different services. There are companies that only offer small courier services, truckload shipping, domestic or expedited shipping, just to name a few. Because there are now so many different ways to move things around, the first step in choosing a shipping company is to acknowledge that this fact. This gives you a better idea of knowing what your options are.

Downsizing your options: Determine how big the task is.

Now that you have a better idea of your options, it’s time to rule some of those out by asking a few questions. How often do you need to ship something out? How big will the shipment be? For example, if you’re a company that ships inventory to farther parts of the country, you might want to look into companies that provide truckload shipping, ruling out all small courier services. If you’re only sending personal packages, established couriers might be for you.

Comparing rates and quality of service

Now that you’ve massively cut down your options, it’s just a matter of finding the best rates and service that you need. Do you need your shipment to get there immediately? If so, do they offer express shipping services? Which of these providers can you haggle rates with or offer the best prices? Asking these questions are sure to leave you with three or two options to really consider. After that, it’s all a matter of seeing which one is the most convenient for you. At this point, maybe you can even choose randomly! Choosing with these guidelines in mind assures that you are happy with the shipping company you decide to go for!