Hiring A Multifaceted Lawyer In Bethlehem

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Lawyers

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A Lawyer Bethlehem can assist you within several fields of the law. For instance, estate planning attorneys produce wills and trusts to protect your family in the future. Real estate lawyers assist during the closing of your property to protect your interests and prevent buyers, realtors, and mortgage companies from taking advantage of you. If you are accused of a criminal infraction, you will need a criminal defense attorney to devise strategies to prove you innocence. There are a multitude of reasons to hire an attorney, however, it is important that you choose an effective attorney to represent you in these proceedings.

Multifaceted Lawyers in Bethlehem

A multifaceted attorney is one who practices within several law fields. It is beneficial to you to generate a relationship with an attorney you can trust through the most important of life events. This includes buying or selling your house as well as ending your marriage when faced with irreconcilable differences. An attorney who provides multiple services can also fight against criminal convictions and help you establish a business to help your community.

Local Attorney

Drake, Hileman, and Davis Law Offices provide legal services in a plentiful selection of law fields. These attorneys are your first point of contact after a personal injury, arrest, or if you are selling your real estate property. Through a combined effort these attorneys will protect your interests and fight for your rights through litigation and criminal defense. They can also help you through a difficult divorce and secure child custody for you. If you wish to start a business, they also assist with non-profit company creation. To learn more about the services offered at this law firm contact them locally at the number that appears on their website.


Your chosen lawyer in Bethlehem assists you through a variety of life events. They assist you in devising strategies for your estate and creating your will. Through estate planning they offer you these services and more to protect your family and assets. In family law they enable you to end your marriage amicably and fight for your right to child custody. If you are arrested for a criminal infraction, you can seek your preferred attorney to develop a strong criminal defense to help you prove your innocence. Through these life events it is urgent that you seek counsel from an attorney you can trust.