Let an Expert Repair Your Commercial Ice Machine in Blaine, MN

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Refrigeratio

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Ice. This by-product of freezing temperatures and H2O has long enjoyed favouritism by the people who could afford it as a method of chilling drinks and preserving foods. Unfortunately, it was a very costly investment for many generations simply because it needed to be extracted from nature, stored and carried to the people who could afford the expense. As time went by, this market grew and eventually expanded to the common folks. By the early nineteen hundreds it was fairly common to see an “ice box” in many household kitchens. However, the most common use for ice was in restaurants and high end establishments where people preferred cold drinks during meals or simply for relaxation.

Supplying this growing demand for ice was often difficult and when technology finally developed enough to create refrigeration systems people eventually developed a commercial appliance. The Commercial Ice Machine in Blaine, MN is a mechanical freezer system with ice creation abilities. It contains a storage compartment to collect the ice and most units have automated ice making abilities so the compartment won’t overflow. Today these devices are somewhat ubiquitous and can be found in hotels, hospitals, restaurants and even many convenience stores where they are used to fill the ice bin in fountain drink machines.

A Commercial Ice Machine in Blaine, MN functions like many other refrigeration systems. They simply remove heat from an area which allows the colder air to take over. However, with ice machines and freezers this removal is a little harder than what is required for air conditioning and walk in coolers. First, the device must be well insulated to keep outside heat from leaking in. Second, the machine should be installed in an area where the outer temperature won’t affect the device and any heat generated by the function of the unit can be properly released.

Like any air conditioning or freezing system a commercial ice machine requires regular maintenance and routine servicing. This service should include cleaning the coils and ensuring the thermostatic controls are properly set. When the device is low on ice it is best to leave it setting for a while so it collects a layer of ice in the compartment. This helps the machine create more ice because heat doesn’t enter as quickly into the ice compartment. When you think your ice machine is failing it is best to contact an expert like Twin City Mechanical in Blaine, MN for repairs.

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