Preparing to Use Shipping Services in Collier County FL for a Smooth Long Distance Move

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Moving Services

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While Florida is a destination that many are moving too, there are instances where families need to relocate to another state for work or to be closer to family. Relocating from one state to the other can seem overwhelming. These tips will help to make the move easier.

Take Control of Preparation Time

Get organized and manage the time that is available leading up to move out day. Create a personal moving checklist that will keep everyone in the household on track throughout the preparation phase. Keep a calendar of personalized tasks that are specific to the relocation, listed in order of importance.

Ship Only What Is Needed

The cost associated with shipping services in Collier County FL will vary, depending on how far across the country the move is going to be. This is why many people opt to ship belongings that are personal, such as antiques and sentimental pieces. Take the time to purge out anything that isn’t really needed and even sell things that aren’t essential ahead of time. If there are bulky items like furniture, tools, and kitchenware that can be bought again at the destination, sell the current ones and update when at the new location. This will save space and shipping costs.

Packing Essentials

Organizing an out of state move can be challenging for a long list of good reasons. There are a lot of little details that come with any move. It is wise to pack a few boxes of essentials that will help a family survive the first few hours or days in the new home. Think about the useful things that will be needed when separated from the rest of the belongings. Have each family member pack their own kit of essential items. These individual boxes should stay with the family in their vehicle and not get loaded on the movers’ truck.

Label All Boxes

Do not underestimate the importance of labeling all boxes. Not doing so will cost precious time trying to locate and identify unmarked boxes after the move. Take it a step further and label at least two sides, including the contents, destination room, and any special handling instructions.

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