Quality Phone Answering in Columbia, MO

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Call Centers

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Call centers are usually offices staffed with representatives whose job description is to manage or provide a centralized customer service to current or perspective clients. Contact with customers is made by making, or receiving, telephone calls with business clientele. Usually, a call center has the ability to handle a significant volume of calls at one time. Employees who answer the phones are able to screen the calls, assist them with their needs, or the call can be redirected to other departments or personnel as needed. Phone answering centers can range in size from as few as a half dozen personnel to hundreds. Phone centers are normally designed and set up to handle large volumes of telephone contact service and will employ many personnel in areas such as customer service, support function, and sales departments.

An inbound call center will answer phone calls from customers who are calling with questions about different services that a business offers, transactions or purchases, personal account information, products advertised over the internet or television, and for general business information. Companies specializing in Phone Answering service in Columbia, MO will have representatives who initiate outgoing calls for different types of operations such as telemarketing, debt collections, marketing research, political donations, surveys, and solicitation for charitable organizations. More commonly, business call centers are now offering bundled services to accommodate businesses that need both inbound and outbound services and the ability to be able to communicate with their customers in multiple media forms. In addition to phone answering, a call center may also offer fax services, brochure advertising campaigns, live online chat, technical support, instant messaging, and email.

Phone Answering in Columbia, MO offers advantages to businesses by centralizing their telephone service and support in one central location. The center can quickly adjust staffing to balance the call volume. Since phone centers can be located almost anywhere, this will allow businesses to offer operation hours over different time zones and at lower operation costs with less expensive labor rates. By using a centralized call center, costs are also reduced to operating only one center instead of many smaller offices.

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