Time to Upgrade the Car Insurance in Reading PA?

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Insurance

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Many auto owners don’t give their car insurance in Reading PA a second thought until they have the need to file a claim. At that point, they may find out that the scope of coverage was not quite what they expected. While the plan was fine back in the day, it may not meet current needs. Here are some reasons to work with an agent from the Chester Perfetto Agency, Inc. and determine if the time has come for some changes.

Changes in Income Levels. In times past, the car owner didn’t make as much money. In order to secure decent coverage, the decision was made to purchase a policy that came with the basic scope of coverage and higher deductibles. That worked great for the budget at the time and provided enough protection for that time and place. Things have changed now. The car owner is making more money these days and can afford car insurance in Reading PA that is more comprehensive. This makes it worth the time and effort to see what’s out there and upgrade the plan to something that is more to the client’s liking. Changes in Auto Usage

Today, the owner is relying on the car more than ever. When the insurance plan was first secured, the car was mainly used to make a ten minute commute to and from work each day. Since moving to a new job, the daily commute is now thirty minutes each way. In addition, the owner has taken to making weekend trips out of town at least once a month. The additional usage could mean that more benefits are needed in order to be adequately covered. It’s Been a Long Time. The fact is that the current plan has been in place for years. Since the owner has never had to file a claim, the idea of comparing that plan with the rates and scope of coverage offered today has never crossed his or her mind. There’s a good chance that taking the time to do so would lead to greater benefits with no increase in the premium, or maybe a plan that is far superior and only cost a few more pennies each month. Comparing plans only takes a little time. Do it today and ensure that the insurance is a good fit for tomorrow.