Transmission Repair in Minneapolis, MN is Infrequent but a Necessity

by | Nov 16, 2013 | Autos

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Have you ever found yourself traveling backwards up a steep hill or pressing the gas pedal to speed off at a green light, only to find that you are holding up traffic? What happens when you are traveling and need to find transmission repair service in Minneapolis, MN? After putting 300,000 miles on your beloved Honda, it is finally time to do more than an oil change. Next to an engine replacement, a transmission repair is possibly the most labor intensive job. Ideally, the mechanic with years of experience will get you back rolling up the hill in no time.

Transmissions last a long time, so getting a referral from a friend may be difficult, given you might be the first out of your group of friends experiencing transmission problems. When you are traveling, fixing the transmission on your own is less than likely. It will not be as easy as changing a tire. Depending on the situation, the old clunker may be able to make it to the next destination and back. Instead of taking a chance on the road, why not at least get a diagnostic test to learn the extent of the damage. Some Transmission Repair in Minneapolis, MN specialists offer full engine diagnostics along with transmission reports.

If you are not sure that your transmission is in bad shape, there are some distinct indicators, which can help to determine any next steps. The most obvious indicators are stuck gears or leaking transmission fluid. In most cars, the transmission fluid is a dark, reddish color.

Assuming your warranty has expired, there will be several choices regarding the type of repairs needed. Many people will advise you to never choose the option of rebuilding your transmission because the risks outweigh the benefits. Imagine spending close to $700.00 on a rebuilt transmission only to face another problem with your transmission. Buying a brand new transmission is never an easy option because it is expensive. Your options are limited when it comes to transmission repairs. If you are stranded in an unfamiliar town in need of assistance, your options are even worse. Transmissions are unpredictable, and when they fail, you need a mechanic who has good experience, like those with Aamco Transmission in Burnsville, MN.