5 Factors that Can Take Your Car’s Resale Value Sky-High

Driving around a sorry excuse for a car? Tired of spending money on one repair after another? Maybe it’s time you faced the idea that your ride is nothing more than a heap held together by spit and prayers. Start looking into trading it for a new one. Some companies help you trade some cash for cars.

You’ll need to find out your car’s resale value, of course. That way, you know how much you still need to cover the cost of a new car. The higher resale value you can get, the less money you have to pay for a new ride. So how do you get the best resale value for your old wheels? Here are five factors from Car Connection to help you figure it out:

  1. Brand. The right brand can make a difference in your resale value. Brands with the best resale value, according to ALG include Honda, Hyundai and Mazda along with Toyota and Subaru. For luxury brands, the line-up includes Acura, Infiniti and Lexus along with Audi and Mercedes. If your car falls under any of these brands, then you could get as much as 60 percent of the car’s original value. Other brands though usually retain just about 35 percent of their value.

  2. Transmission types. If you’re going to sell a sports car, then opting for manual transmissions is just about ideal. However, some drivers might prefer an automatic transmission so it really depends on the target audience you have in mind.

  3. All-wheel drives. If you’re reselling an all-wheel drive, you could be looking at a good resale item. These days, all-wheel drives feel safer especially when you find yourself driving through heavy downpours. Not to mention the sporty element it brings on the road and you have a winning combination for most buyers of used cars.

  4. Paint color. While mainstream colors such as white, silver or black are often better, if you’ve got a sportscar in just the right collectible color—a limited edition one—that could send your resale value sky-high.

  5. Looks. It doesn’t take much to keep your car’s looks in great condition. Some buyers tend to stay away from cars that don’t give off a nice first impression, regardless of how sturdy the engine still is. To keep that from happening, go for a good wash job. A little paint correction and even detailing could improve your resale in a major way.

Knowing these factors will help you find a way to increase your car’s resale value. So stop pushing your luck with your old car. Do your research on how you can exchange your cash for cars, do the trade and start looking for a new ride.

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