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When you think of landscaping, you probably think of lots of greenery, with plants and bushes in great profusion. While this is indeed an important component of good landscaping, hardscaping design in New Orleans LA is also a vital part of a beautiful landscape. Hardscaping is another term for “hard landscaping.” The hardscaping parts of a landscape include all of those components that are not plants.

Hard landscaping can include any number of different elements, but some of the more common ones may include: Paving for walking paths, brick walls or stone walls, patio areas, fenced areas, and ornamental features like statues. Hardscaping can be both decorative (as in the case of statuary pieces) and functional (as in the case of rocks that hold some of the soft landscaping in place.)

Hard landscaping is something that needs to be properly planned before you begin trying to implement it into your yard. It is quite common for people to plant a great deal of vegetation in their yards and then realize that hard landscaping would compliment the vegetation. However, implementing the hard landscaping once all of the vegetation is already in place can be difficult. Often, your provider of hardscaping design in New Orleans LA will develop a plan for your yard that includes hardscaping and soft landscaping as well, but typically the hard landscaping will be put into place first for the best results.

Hard landscaping is something that is aesthetically pleasing as well as highly useful for nearly any environment. The New Orleans area has many homes and businesses that are particularly well suited to a combination of hard and soft landscaping. The unique deep South charm of New Orleans is often best revealed in the unexpected little cobbled pathways, varied plant beds, and unusual garden ornaments. Whether you are landscaping a home or a corporate building, a unique hardscape can make the place really stand out! Companies like Oneal-Bond Engineering can help with all your hardscaping and general landscape designs. You can call for a complimentary consultation with the hardscaping design team there to get started on the yard of your dreams!

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