An Emergency Dentist In Mankato, MN Is Highly Trained To Handle Dental Emergencies

by | Feb 17, 2014 | dentist directories

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Most people know that to maintain healthy hygiene they should see their regular dentist twice a year. One visit is just for a check-up with X-rays and one so the dentist can give them a good cleaning. Extra visits may be needed to fill any cavities found or to treat a developing gum disease. Life can be cruel at times and people get into auto accidents where they are injured in their face. This could involve getting cracked or broken teeth. Normally injuries sustained in an auto accident are best treated at the local hospital’s emergency room. Badly damaged teeth is the exception to this rule. At the hospital all they are equipped to do is to give the patient some pain medication and recommend that they see a dentist as soon as possible. It would be far better to go to an Emergency Dentist in Mankato, MN for treatment.

An Emergency Dentist in Mankato, MN has had special training in handling dental emergencies. For example if a tooth was knocked out in the accident and the tooth is found and kept damp, an Emergency Dentist in Mankato, MN may be able to re-insert the tooth. If the tooth can’t be re-inserted, the dentist might suggest installing a dental implant called an anchor that an artificial tooth can be attached to. The dentist will know which anesthetics to use to reduce the pain and can install temporary caps on cracked or broken teeth. Later the temporary cap can be removed and the teeth can be more permanently repaired. An emergency dentist also is capable of suturing any cuts in the gums and they can give the primary level of treatment for jaw injuries.

Whether you have been injured in an auto accident, at a sporting event or just have some sudden dental pain, you will want to get to an Emergency Dentist in Mankato MN. They are trained to take care of these emergencies and are available after normal working hours. Many times EMTs will suggest an emergency dentist to people that have facial injuries when they are found on emergency calls. They will often have the phone numbers and addresses of emergency dentists that they know of in their area.

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