Basic appliance safety

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Appliances

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Homeowners have a responsiblity to understand and perform basic safety checks and maintenance on all of the appliances in the household. Some safety checks, including electrical safety checks, are fairly basic and common to almost all home appliances.

Nearly every appliance has a power cord. It’s important to make sure that home appliances are plugged into a wall socket and not into an extension cord for optimum safety. It may be necessary to enlist the assistance of a partner to pull the appliance away from the wall in order to check the power cord and the connection to the wall socket. When inspecting electrical cords make sure that the power cord and the plug look intact, fit snugly into the socket, are not frayed or cracked, and that there are no exposed wires. Power cords with visible damage must be replaced promptly.

Some home appliances have three prong power cords. This is an important safety feature. Three prong power cords should never be plugged into older outlets designed for two prong power cords. Consult a licensed professional to upgrade older two prong electrical outlets if necessary.

It may sound strange, but a quick sniff can reveal the stench of potential insultation scorching from a developing electrical problem. Make sure to perform a visual examination for any blackened areas on the wall, the socket, and the general area around the plug. Keep plugs and outlets completely clear of dust and debris including cobwebs and crumbs by vacuuming the area regularly. Before performing any further maintenance on an electrical appliance always remember to unplug it first.

Finally, keep all electrical cords away from damp or wet areas and clean up any liquid spills in the area of electrical cords only after shutting off the electrical power at the circuit breaker. Keep all electrical cords away from especially hot areas or areas where heating elements are in use. Move quickly to shut off electric power at the circuit breaker if any sparks or smoke are observed.

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