Benefits and Risks of Implant Dentistry Las Vegas

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Dentist

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Implant Dentistry Las Vegas can change your life, literally. For years, dentists have been using implants to replace missing or extracted teeth, substituting them with highly aesthetic appliances. Even though dental professionals preach preventative dentistry, there are instances where patients need dental work done. This article will explain some of the benefits and risks of choosing a dental implant.

What are the risks?

Medical or surgical procedures are always associated with risks. Despite sophisticated implant design, long experience, and new surgical techniques, there may be complications. Before the procedure, Desert Breeze Dental will inform you, in detail, about the potential risks of treatment. At this point, only some risks are mentioned (as examples):

  • Intraoperative complications;
  • General intolerance reactions to the anesthetic;
  • Violations of important anatomical structures;
  • Nerve damage, especially in the mandibular nerve region. (Implant diagnosis and intraoperative imaging of the nerve ensures that the nerve is not injured.); and
  • Postoperative complications that result in the injury of blood vessels. This could end up in bruising, swelling, and post-operative bleeding.

Your local Implant Dentistry Las Vegas will minimize these risks by speaking with you before the procedure. They will go with you, step-by-step on how they will proceed during the surgery.

What are the benefits of implants?

From the aesthetic point, implants offer the most sophisticated solution: They blend in with the remaining teeth. They not only feel just like your own, but also look like your other teeth. Compared to the classic bridge, adjacent teeth do not need to be grounded down to support the new teeth. Healthy tooth structure is always preserved.

An important advantage to keep in mind is that implants provide protection against bone loss. Implants mimic natural tooth roots, especially concerning evenly chewing forces. Due to the natural loading of the bone, the face retains its profile and its natural facial expressions. Self-confidence and an increased quality of life at work, and in private life, is also achieved.

With good care, implants can last. If we add the initial cost over the life of implant treatment, you may find that the cost in quality of life and safety per day are not high. For more information on Implant Dentistry Las Vegas, contact your local dentist today.