Benefits of a Roofing Company in Granite City

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Uncategorized

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Many times, one’s home is the most important investment they will acquire throughout their lifetime. In order for that investment to continue to pay off, they need to take all precautionary steps to protect and improve their investment, and this includes caring for one’s roof. Roofing maintenance and preventive care is essential when considering the care of one’s home, and there are many advantages offered by hiring the services of a roofing company in Granite City.

One’s roof is just as important as the foundation of their home. A faulty roof can lead to thousands of dollars in damage when left unattended and untreated. Regardless of the type of roofing one has, whether it be tile or asphalt, a roof is only designed to last for fifteen to twenty years, and this is the lifespan of a roof that is maintained immaculately.

One of the advantages of a roofing company in Granite City is that they provide regular preventative maintenance. Regular maintenance on one’s home is just as important as the maintenance of their car. Through regular checkups, one can pinpoint cracking in the roof before it has a chance to spread to the other parts of the house where the roof and foundation connect. Cracks in one’s roof can lead to drafts in the house, which will increase one’s energy bill because more heat will be needed to heat the house throughout the winter months. The air conditioning unit will have to work twice as hard throughout the summer months as well, to make up for the influx of warmer air.

Another advantage of regular maintenance is the increased value it will add to one’s house from having a good roof. New roofing can add up to ten percent value on the equity of one’s house. De-mossing is the process of removing moss from one’s roof. Moss is a living organism that, once it is growing, it will continue to spread and invade the microscopic cracks in one’s roof, which can lead to drainage problems and leaks in the house. For more information on roofing companies, the services they provide and the cost associated with them .