Car Transport Quotes: How to Know You Can Trust the Company

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Transportation

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Vehicles are considered some of the most precious and valuable possessions that you own. When it is time to ship them, you need to ensure to gather car transport quotes from quality and reliable companies. When you take the time to research the company you are considering using, you will be able to have confidence in the results that you will achieve.

No matter if you need domestic or exotic car transport, you need to know what the signs are of a quality company that will provide you with accurate car transport quotes.


The amount of experience the service you are considering for transporting your vehicle has is important. The longer they have been in business, the better services they likely offer. They also likely offer more accurate car shipping quotes than businesses that have only been in business for a few years. This is because they are in the business and know what it costs and takes to transport a vehicle, no matter the distance or the vehicle.

Proper Equipment

Another important consideration you should make when contacting car transport companies for car transport quotes is whether or not they have professional grade equipment. Also ask about the age of the transport trucks that will be used for moving your vehicle. All of these factors are important in determining if you have found a car transport company that will be able to meet your needs. After all, if a company does not have the equipment, know how or man power to move your vehicle, there is no point wasting your time trying to get a quote for their services.

Professional and Friendly Customer Service

Another important consideration when seeking car transport quotes is if the staff treats you professionally and in a friendly manner. If they do not, then this is a red flag and there is a good chance that you should not trust your vehicle in their hands. After all, if the staff does not treat you well when you call or visit the establishment, what makes you think they would treat your vehicle any differently?

Proper Insurance Coverage

Prior to putting the moving of your vehicle in any company’s hands, it is important to ensure it is properly insured. This will ensure your vehicle is protected in case any damage or other issues arise. Keep in mind, if a transport service cannot or will not provide proof of insurance, this is a definite red flag and indication that you need to find this service elsewhere.

Taking the time to find reliable and accurate car transport quotes will ensure that you know what you have to pay to move your vehicle. You can also find more information about various car transport services by visiting. There is no reason that you should trust one of your most valuable assets to a transport company that does not offer quality or dependable results.