CC Rental NJ’s Van Rentals in Long Island, NY

Are you about to go on vacation with family and need a van to fit all of you at once? Maybe you want to take a day trip with multiple individuals and require a van rental for the optimal car pooling experience. CC Rental offers van rentals in Long Island, NY.

Van rentals are convenient for more than just day trips and long vacations. Maybe you have a large construction project that requires transporting multiple workers to a venue and hauling lots of materials to get the job done. Perhaps you are a member of a street outreach program that helps homeless and less fortunate individuals get transported to soup kitchens in the cold months.

The reasons for securing a van rental are plenteous, but we are here to guide you through the rental process and make your plan a reality. We have minivans for a small family taking a vacation. Select from there 12 passenger or 15 passenger vans depending on the amount of people that need to be transported. Rather than have all your passengers burn so much gas by driving multiple vehicles, rent a minivan or multi passenger van, split the cost amongst the people, and save even more money on your day trip or vacation!

If you are completing a commercial job, you can even rent one of our cargo vans! There are even transit cargo vans in stock with higher clearance that allows for more storage during transport.

Contact CC Rental NJ for a quote on a van rental in Long Island, NY, today!