Culture Change Facility in West Texas For Your Loved One

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Health

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When you need to get skilled nursing care for a loved one, and it is beyond your capacity to care for them at home, you may be thinking about what type of long term care facility might be right for the situation. There is no doubt that finding a culture change facility in West Texas is an excellent way to make sure your loved one gets the care they truly deserve in an environment that makes them comfortable. This article will explore the concept of the culture change approach and will help you identify a good culture change facility for your loved one.

Culture change is sometimes referred to a “resident directed caregiving” because it places the focus not just upon meeting medical needs but nurturing the spirit of the resident. The medical needs are always met skillfully and promptly, but the emotional and social needs of the resident are considered to be just as important in a culture change facility. The culture change model is an adaptable one, and it will change to meet any needs that a resident might have.

Family values is the root of the best culture change facilities. The best culture change facilities will work closely with both the resident and the family of the resident to make sure that all needs are met. Essentially a team approach to the best possible care is taken: The family and the resident will work very closely with the staff to make sure that the resident is happy and well cared for. When you choose a culture change facility, you will want to find a facility that allows the residents to have control of their daily activities as much as is possible. This allows residents to retain their autonomy and to be thriving and successful members of the community to whatever degree they desire.

A home like atmosphere is key in choosing culture care facilities. A good culture change facility in West Texas fully understands that the residents will be missing their old home and their old way of life. Because of this, the facility that you choose should focus on fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes residents feel not like they have lost their home, but rather like they have found a new home.