DUI Attorney In Geneva

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Lawyers

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If you have been arrested on a DUI charge, then you need a DUI attorney immediately. You do not want to say anything without the advice of an attorney. The DUI Attorney In Geneva IL will handle all discussions with the prosecutor to prevent you from incriminating yourself or giving information that you don’t need to give. A DUI charge will stay with you for a long time and it will curtail your driving privileges for at least six months. You will be an embarrassment to yourself and your family when they try to explain why you cannot drive to their games. Your insurance rates will rise like a rocket, and future potential employers will be reluctant to hire you.

Actually, when stopped by the police you don’t have to say anything. You are not required to take a Breathalyzer test, but you will probably loose your license for an extended period of time. The police can get an order compelling you to allow a blood test.

However, if you have been subjected to either of these tests, then your DUI Attorney In Geneva IL can ask several questions which may prove that the Breathalyzer test is not valid nor is the blood test. Your attorney will want to know when the Breathalyzer was last calibrated and if it was calibrated by a person trained to do so. He will also ask if the officer who administered the test was certified to do so.

The blood test offers multiple opportunities to be challenged. Some of the questions your attorney will ask is who took the blood and were they a trained phelbotomist? The next question will be whether the blood was properly handled after it was taken? Was the person who analyzed the blood trained to do this work? These questions will help the attorney find an error in the chain of evidence if there is one. Finding one could result in the entire case being dismissed.

Another possibility is a good relationship with the prosecutor may enable your attorney to get a reduction in the charge. Everything comes down to having an attorney experienced in handling DUI cases. Watch the Video or Contact Cosentino Law Firm for more details.