Ensuring a successful move – Preventing a logistical nightmare

by | Aug 11, 2012 | Transportation

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Relocation of homes and offices can be a great logistical task for most people judging by the sheer number, size and state of company equipment, office supplies, family objects and heirloom articles, needed to be transferred from sites within counties or across states. This is the main reason diligent care is needed in deciding which of the different moving companies to hire in New Braunfels, Texas. The right moving company should be meticulous and organized in transporting valuable stuff. One way to know a good company is by its reputation and feedback.

Any service company would go to great lengths in protecting its reputation. In order to provide a hassle-free transfer experience, the good companies provide quality services, while the better companies make sure the customer is satisfied even if an unplanned incident occurs. So, how do you separate a trustworthy mover from a rogue mover?

Consistent Feedback from kin and friends
First on the line is feedback from family, close friends and reputable associates. Most people around you have either moved at least once in their life or know of people would who had. Look for trusted people who rent houses and have hired moving companies in New Braunfels before. Make sure to come up with a list of companies they do and don’t recommend taking note of the experience they had. If possible, make an effort to obtain comparisons of the same moving company.

Research and Background Check
For some, networking from relatives and colleagues may not be enough. For those who have a potential list with them, the next step should be a background check, online or offline. For others, background check is the first step they take. Many companies around the country, including local Texan movers, have gone online and created convincing websites to increase sales. In order to do so, some companies make dishonest shortcuts and unverifiable claims.

The best that consumers should do online is search for companies on their list and look for complaints against movers. Since companies tend to provide you with positive materials, check for any negative issues against them. The important thing to know is what the company has done to make sure the customer is satisfied in the end. Good sites to look for information are the Better Business Bureau and the forums of Moving Scam. A good alternative is making sure the company is registered with the local Chamber of Commerce or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Make sure to check available information for at least three companies.

Contacting and Visiting the Company
The next step is to contact or visit the company. Trustworthy moving companies in New Braunfels should have a physical address and contact information on their site; so make use of that. Even if you decide that online is the way to go, inquire the quotes for the particular situation and weed out companies that give a very low price. Confront the company with their policy on hidden fees because rogue companies may harass you with more fees later and take hostage of your belongings. Also, be very wary if the company does not offer or agree to an on-site inspection of your goods.

Before agreeing to their services, online customers should make sure to visit the company and check their vehicles, resources and facilities. A good mover should have an existing office and warehouse in great condition. Make an effort to inquire if the company is a household goods broker or the actual moving company. Broker companies delegate the moving task to unknown movers and the country has laws to protect only against specific moving companies so be careful.