Finding The Right Artwork Shipping Company In Los Angeles

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Moving & Relocating

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No one wants to move or ship away all their beautiful art pieces, but there may come a time when it’s necessary to do so. Therefore, you need to choose the best artwork shipping company in Los Angeles for help. However, before considering companies, you need to determine what qualifies as art and what you are sending elsewhere. Framed art will need to be crated and shipped differently than an oil painting. Likewise, creative and unique items may require different packing materials, such as special foam cushions, temperature control, and various linings.


The more delicate the piece is, the more experienced the shipper should be. If you’re sending something that is sturdy and not easily broken or damaged, you may not need to work with a handler of art. However, if the piece costs thousands of dollars, it may be beneficial to deal with a company who specializes in artwork shipping in Los Angeles.

Where It Is And Where It Will Be

Many times, people purchase art from exhibits or museums, making it crucial to use a professional for movement. In most cases, the exhibit or museum owner wants to deal with someone appropriate to ensure that they have insurance and know what they’re doing. The people you choose to help you move and ship the item should have the tools necessary or be able to get them, including cranes and rigging.


If you’re going to do it right, you’re likely to need someone to install the piece once it arrives at your home. The artwork shipping company in Los Angeles should have qualified individuals available to install or uninstall the piece, as well as get it to its location intact. It doesn’t make sense to send the item only to have it stuck on your doorstep because you can’t move it or put it in place. Visit Art Pack.