Hiring Tulsa Movers for Furniture Removal

by | Mar 15, 2014 | Transportation

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How many times have you had the warmth of the sun in front of a window or had relaxing moments in the garden with friends? No doubt the couch is one of the most favourite parts of the house. Couches are not only convenient, but they are also much more luxurious than any lounge chair. However, once it is time to move the couch, you can see how much trouble a couch can be. That’s where Tulsa Movers come in.

The process of moving is tiring, but it can also be a dangerous one because the losses are very common. This is true not only monetarily speaking, but in terms of bodily injury. However, with all the necessary information, with regard to how to achieve a smoother and safer move, even amateurs could perform such a demanding task. That’s a good sign.

Moving Tips

First of all, given that your couch is probably heavy and large, you should make the move easier by making the couch a little lighter. So before moving any furniture, it is best to prepare it properly. The first step is to reduce weight, removing the any seat cushions and pillows. This helps moving become a lot easier, but also more efficient as well. Do not forget to complement remote parts properly to protect them from dirt and damage.

Use plastic bags to place the cushions and pillows in. Moreover, if the doors you have to pass through are narrow, you should measure the couch and see whether to dismantle it. Measure the couch and the doors or passageways you need to go through. If the size of furniture is more than those of the doors, break out the tools. If this is the case, use the manufacturer’s instructions to take apart the couch or contact NAL Movers Tulsa to help you.

When taking apart any type of furniture, make sure to put any screws in a small box or bag to avoid losing them. In addition, no matter if you move long distances or just a few meters in the same room, you must make all the preparations necessary to make sure that the base of the couch will not be damaged. Now, you are ready to move the couch. Have some friends help you carry the couch to its new position, while you carry the cushion and pillows. For more information, contact your local Tulsa Movers today.