How Experts in Window Tinting in Wichita KS Replace Old Tinting

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Home Improvement

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If you had a tint applied on your home or car windows a few years back, chances are that the harsh weather and the occasional scratches and scrubbing has interfered with the flawless finish. If you are thinking about getting a fresh layer of tint applied, you need to start by consulting experts. consult experts such as NorthStar Comfort Services. Here are some helpful tips when replacing old Window tinting Wichita KS.

Removing the old tint

The first step in the Window tinting Wichita KS process is normally removing the old worn out tint. This is done using an ammonia based tint remover. The remover is sprayed all over the surface of the window and left for some time. The time allowance is to ensure that the tint is absorbed by the ammonia. When they are sure that the tint has been loosened by the ammonia, they start the process of cleaning. This process can be carried out using a sharp tool such as a razor blade. The blade is inserted in the space between the tint and the glass and pushed till the tint starts peeling. The experts are very careful when removing the old layers to avoid leaving any film or adhesive. It takes an expert about 20 to 30 minutes to work on the glass of a car window and remove the tint.

Applying the new tint

Before the experts apply the new tint, they normally clean the window with pure distilled water. They will then peel off the storage tint from the sheet of tint, allowing the tint to stick to the window. The new tint layer can be smoothed out by hand. After the tint layer has been smoothed out, the experts will use a squeegee to press down the film and remove any air bubbles that could be trapped inside the film. After all the air bubbles are removed, the new tint is then cleaned with water and left to dry.

The process of replacing old tint should be carried out by experts because if you attempt a DIY, you may end up scratching and ruining your windows.