How to Find a Qualified Wrecker Service

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Transportation and Logistics

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Have you ever had the misfortune of having your car break down in the middle of traffic? If so, you were probably confused about what to do. Calling a reputable Wrecker service such as Spankys Wrecker Service is a smart way to have your car towed to a safe location. Since you don’t know when you’ll need towing service, it’s advisable to find a qualified company ahead of time. A reputable towing service can relocate your car to an area that is safe until you can have it fixed. Use the services of a company that can tow light duty to heavy duty jobs. Many two companies offer other services such as lock-outs, flat-tire repairs, dead battery assistance, and underwater recovery.

If you have not used a towing service, ask family, friends, and neighbours for suggestions. You can also ask a professional such as a car salesman or a mechanic. They can give you insight into the level of workmanship and customer service they received. Also, call your insurance company for a recommendations. Since insurance companies often cover towing up front or through reimbursement, they might can give you the names of preferred towers.

Once you have the name of one or two towing companies, make a list of questions to ask them when you call to interview each one. You will need a pen and paper to jot down the answers. It’s important that you work with a licensed and insured company. Not all states require tow truck drivers to be licensed. A reputable towing company should carry a minimal level of insurance including general liability and workers’ compensation.

When you are talking to a professional with the towing company, make sure you ask about the distance they are willing to travel. Also, do business with a Wrecker service that offers 24 hour service and roadside assistance. Many towing companies will bill your insurance company directly and others will require payment up front. Ask which method they prefer. By doing this, you will know what you have to pay up front to get your vehicle to a safe location.