Invisible Aligners through a Port Orange, FL Orthodontist

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Dentist

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The evolution of orthodontic techniques, the development of new materials, the use of three dimensional modeling, and the information regarding orthodontic treatments have given new life to this section of dentistry. Children and adults wishing to improve their dentition now have reasonable hope in the form of invisible and painless treatment. What are the advantages and disadvantages of seeing a Port Orange, FL Orthodontist if you are interested in invisible aligners? This article helps you figure out what is best for you and your oral health.

Invisible aligners are successive trays that are placed on the teeth, all of which gradually move in order to form a straighter, more aesthetically correct smile. The benefits range in the hundreds, literally. However, for the sake of reading, we will just name the most efficient and important. One of the most liked of the benefits is that they can be removed when eating or oral hygiene.

Just like every advantage, there is a disadvantage. Many of these are simple and easy to remedy, however. Patient cooperation is essential, though. In light of this state of affairs, very different orthodontic techniques are made available to the orthodontist and patient. The choice of technique will depend on elements that the practitioner and patient will discuss together. Some of these issues consist of:

  • Oral and dental hygiene: Poor hygiene and orthodontics do not mix.
  • Motivation and levels of cooperation: Every patient should be serious in their oral hygiene efforts. For orthodontics to be successful, you must be motivated enough to follow the dentist’s directions to the letter.
  • Speech problems: A slight hissing can complicate the use of tethers attached to the invisible side of the teeth. Paradoxically, invisible treatments do not allow others to be aware that the patient is wearing trays. Seeing a Port Orange, FL Orthodontist can help you repair any speech problems you may have, along with straightening the teeth.

Daily life with orthodontics must incorporate new behaviors, like increasing the amount of brushing, especially after meals. Some foods are very uncomfortable to eat, turning facial expressions into grimaces. Speech may be impaired to the point of becoming incomprehensible, in some cases. Patients with invisible aligners can eventually work past these problems. For more information, contact Beville Dental Care today.