Moving Office Locations made Easier

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Transportation

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If your office is relocating in New Jersey, you may want to consider hiring a moving company that provides the services of a professional mover in Ridgewood, NJ. Moving an entire office can be a frustrating, time-consuming endeavor, so if you do plan to do-it-yourself, you need to be fully prepared as your own mover. Ridgewood, NJ does offer, however, many different moving companies who can do the job efficiently for you, including the chore of packing, at a price lower than you might incur by taking the time to do it yourself.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional mover in Ridgewood, NJ, you will need to create a timeline in order to plan the move effectively so that you can keep loss in office productivity at an absolute minimum. Coordinating an office move, like anything, takes planning, precision, and implementation and should be done as quickly and efficiently as possible so that your office is up and running again on schedule.

Plan way in advance—as much as six months, if possible—for an office move. In some situations, of course, that kind of planning is a luxury. However much time you have, take full advantage of it so that you can meet contingencies head on and not be sideswiped by the unexpected. Put together a proficient and hard-working team if you are moving a larger office, and treat it as you might a normal work assignment, with supervisors from each department heading tasks. Ask for volunteers. You already know it would not be good for morale to ask employees to move as part of their unrelated job tasks.

Once you have a plan, discuss in full all the particulars and details with those who will be helping you. In tasks such as this, people are more likely to get annoyed or irritated if they are just being ordered around and are kept in the dark about the general procedures and objectives that are part of the overall plan.

If you are moving larger items, such as multi-tasking copiers, make sure you rent dollies and that the people moving them know how to use them appropriately. If you are in a large complex with many offices, you may want to begin the major relocating on a Saturday when other offices are not disrupted by your move. Also, make appropriate plans for negotiating stairs or using elevators. Once everything is moved, throw an impromptu but well-planned pizza party for everyone who has helped as an immediate reward for pitching in.

However, bear in mind that while moving may seem like a breeze if everyone pitches in, moving is always a much larger task than it appears to be at the outset. Consider consulting with a mover in Ridgewood, NJ for an estimate, and you may find that hiring professionals is so affordable and efficient that you may not want to pass up the opportunity.




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