Protect Your Home From Water Damage and Keep Those Drains Flowing With a Plumber in Chicago

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Plumbing

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Plumbing disasters in Chicago come in all types from the simplest leaks around your faucets to serious clogs in your drain lines. While some of these problems may seem easy to fix most plumbing problems can lead to even larger troubles. For example, leaking pipes in the walls and under the floors can be difficult to get to and not knowing where the leak occurs could lead you to tearing up portions of your home you don’t need to. For this type of problem modern plumbers use a leak detection system designed specifically for locating water leakage.

Of the many problems a Plumber in Chicago can repair for you drain clogs may be the most difficult. We see the results of the clog whenever we flush the toilet or drain a sink or tub. In some cases the drains may just run slowly, but in others the clog may have the whole system blocked. Finding these clogs requires specific tools such as the video snake which is used to inspect plumbing pipes. The video snake is a camera attached to a flexible cable designed to fit into tight spaces such as curving pipe and angled connections.

Once the clog is located the Plumber in Chicago will decide the best way to eliminate it. In most cases this will be through the use of a pipe snake. This is another flexible, cable based device that can be inserted into plumbing. The pipe snake or Rooter system can normally fit in pipes as small as one and one half inches. It’s primary purpose it to punch through a clog and get the drains flowing again. Once the drains are open the next best step is to clean the pipes with a hydro jet system.

use the hydro jet system for flushing out the old crud that builds up in drain lines. This systems works very much like the high pressure car wash you may be familiar with except the supply line is a long flexible hose so the plumber can reach all portions of the drainage pipes. By keeping the system flexible they can clean around fittings and elbows so your drains won’t clog again for some time.