Quick Tips To Help You Ship to UK From US

by | Sep 11, 2012 | Transportation

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The United Kingdom is a beautiful paradise, nestled in the rolling hills of Europe. There are quaint shops lining the streets of London and many designer stores just waiting to be explored. Many businesses have increased sales by sending their products to the United Kingdom. There is a large market for American-made designer clothes in the UK so for some large retailers, taking their items overseas can double their profits almost instantly. Whether you want to expand your business of just send a package to friends in London, here are some tips to help you ship to UK from US.

Most people will quickly compare the prices of the companies willing to ship to UK from US, but some people make the mistake of only comparing the prices. Just because a shipping company might have a great First, compare your options before you choose a shipping service. Each company has a different rate to ship to UK from US carriers. Most of the large mail services offer an online calculator where you can enter your starting point and destination. Then the computer will automatically generate your total shipping costs so you can compare between carriers and select the one that is most cost effective.

What should you do if you need to ship a large volume of boxes? People who make a permanent move to Europe often need a way to move all of their clothes, shoes, books, electronics, linens, and other household items. So what is the best option when you have a ton of stuff to move? Think about choosing a DHL service. These services specialize in large international shipments. They provide you with the right boxes and packaging to protect your items as they ship to UK from US.

Remember to use extra care when packing items that you intend to ship to UK from US. The box will have a long way to travel and you want to be sure that everything will arrive in good condition. Don’t use any shortcuts in packing if you are shipping a box internationally. Use bubble wrap, paper, foam, or packaging tape. You can never be too careful. Also be sure to label all items as “Fragile” so handlers won’t throw them or subject them to harsh conditions.

When it comes to large items, like antiques you don’t think you can part with, you need to look for a shipping service that offers freight shipping. The great thing about the freight shippers is that in addition to handling things like the packing and storage of your large scale items, they will also make sure that the item clears customs without any trouble.

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