The difference between an MRI and a MRA

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Radiology

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An MRI is a method of providing the physician with an image of what is going on inside the body of a patient. An MRA, which uses the same technology, is used to develop a specific image of blood vessels. The MRA offers a very specific and narrow focus whereas an MRI can develop an image the entire body.

Both MRI high field Riverhead NY and MRA provide high quality images with very few risks for the patient. When an MRI is going to be conducted, the patient is put into a tube, while in the tube powerful magnets gather a series of images from within the body, the process is non-invasive. As magnetic are used to gather the data there is no possibility of exposures to X-Rays and the collected images are extremely sharp and well defined. An MRI, although it can be the entire body, can also do pin point images anywhere on the body, perhaps when the patient has suffered an injury to the hip, knee or elbow. For some imaging tasks, contrasting materials are ingested by the patient which highlights specific target areas.

If it is the blood vessels that are the target for the image, a contrast material is injected which highlights the vessel network. The same equipment that is used for a MRI is used, it is positioned over the area of interest, perhaps it is suspected there is a blood clot and the physician wishes to analyze the blood flow in the area which is suspect.

MRIs and MRAs are both procedures that are used to gather important information about the patient. This information is used to find out what is happening in the patient’s body, allowing the physician to make a more accurate diagnosis. These procedures are also used post-operative so the healing progress can be monitored. As the doctor compares a past study with a present study, the progress can be accurately determined and to see if there are any unforeseen complications.

Both MRI high field in Riverhead NY and MRAs require the patient to lie flat and remain as still as possible during the test procedure. Modern machines are far less claustrophobic than older machines which can pose a stress on some patients.

Thin section images are the results of MRI high field in Riverhead NY. These images are used extensively for diagnosing central nervous system and brain disorders. The board certified Radiologists at North Fork Radiology perform these procedures.

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