The History Of Yellow Cab In Compton

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Transportation

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The Yellow Cab started its history little over a century ago, continuing to expand and grow even to the present day. Its long history and success are the direct result of high quality services. Today, the Yellow Cab in Compton stands as one of the most known companies in the United States.

When it was first founded, the owner of the company traveled to Europe to research how the Taxi systems functioned and try to bring back their systems to the U.S.. When building what was set to be today’s concept of taxi cabs, the founder went to the University of Chicago to perform a study and determine the color for the cars. According to the results, yellow is the color that is the easiest to notice.

As time passed by, the company extended its operations to other states as well, establishing the Compton branch in 1920. At that time, the fare was 50 cents per mile or the equivalent of around $11 in 2011, calculated according to the inflation rate. However, the current price per mile is much lower than that. Competition forced the continuous price drop.

When it comes to service quality and customer satisfaction, the growth of the Yellow Cab in Compton would have not been possible without serious investment in equipment and staff to pick up orders promptly. Their services managed to attract a lot returning customers, with thousands of people using their service each day. However, this increasing growth also lead to some rather interesting twists. It seems that all cities have a yellow cab company. The truth is that the color and cab models have been borrowed from the original company.

The initial founder was not happy with how durable were the cars at that time. His immediate reaction was to design his own car. Today, every single Yellow Cab in Compton cannot be purchased by average individuals as they are all custom made specifically for taxi service. Due to its popularity, the design started to be adopted by other independent companies. However, the quality of service is different from one company to another. The Yellow Cab in Compton tries to preserve the standards established by the original company, setting it apart from its competitors.