Tips For Moving Long Distance With Children

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Moving Companies

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The moving process is not always easy when you are moving on your own, but imagine planning a long distance move with children. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the stress that comes with moving your family to another city or state. Here are several tips for getting through a long distance move with your children.

Hire A Professional Moving Company

You can make it easier on yourself by hiring long distance movers Kirkland WA. Professional movers are ready to help you pack, load and unload your items. They even bring their own supplies and equipment, which means you do not have to make any additional trips to the store for supplies. When you hire a professional moving company, you have more time to focus on keeping your children occupied during the move.

Give Your Children A Job

Giving your children a job to do is a great way to keep them busy as you prepare for your long distance move. Start by asking them to pack up their toys, books and games, or ask them to draw a map of their new room for when it is time to unpack. Letting your children help with the move gives them a sense of control during this big experience.

Prepare For A Long Drive

It is no secret that most children feel restless during a long car drive. You can prepare by packing a box or bag of the items your child needs in the car. Start by packing snacks, juice, toys, books and a tablet, and be sure to pack a first aid kit and Dramamine to address emergencies or motion sickness. You also want to plan for pit stops along the way.

Remember, you can reduce your stress by hiring long distance movers Kirkland WA to help you with the move.