Tips for saving money by using public transportation services

by | Nov 2, 2011 | Uncategorized

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The current economic scenario has propelled many to make considerable changes to their lifestyles. Many people are looking for alternatives to curb their expenses. For instance, people are choosing public transportation services over private transportation services. Here are some ways in which you can save money on public transportation services.

Save money while travelling short distances

You can save a lot of money by travelling via mass transit options for short distances. For instance, if you are visiting your gym or personal doctor you can cut the travelling expense by using a local train instead of taking a cab. It is also beneficial from the medical point of view. Studies suggest that people who take the bus or train are more fit compared to the others. They also have to face lesser health-related problems than the other people. The reason for this is – people spend time walking to and fro and thus burn calories.

Choose Off-Peak hours for travelling

Many public transportation services mediums offer reduced fares during off-peak hours. It is important that you enquire if your transit system offers such reduced fares. You can save around 1 to 2 USD via this particular option. However, you can save a lot of money in the long run if you commute on a daily basis during this time.

Discounted Fares

You can easily get discounted fares if you are a senior citizen or a student. Similarly, many Governments offer discounts for disabled employees. Certain companies subsidizing employee transit costs also offer discounts to certain segments of the population.

Check for Discounted Fares

Check if the public transit systems offer you discounts on purchasing an annual or monthly pass. It is better to buy fares in bulk if you want to save money. Visit transportation services websites handled by the Government. Look for the different discount options and cut down on your transportation services costs.