Tools You Should Always Have in the Car

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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This is C & S Towing Service, Inc.’s handy and professional guide to the tools you must have in your garage or in your car for pretty much any car repair situation you might get yourself into! Go ahead and print out this list and then take it along with you to Wall-Mart so you can stock up!

Multi-head Screwdriver

A multi-head screwdriver is very invaluable because of the fact that about 97 percent of manmade items are kept into position by screws. Those screws come available in hundreds of various sizes and each require a different size of screwdriver to be loosened and tightened. Thank goodness, you will not have to have hundreds of screwdrivers, yet a high quality multi-head screwdriver will do the trick. Keep one inside the car with an assorted mixture of screwdriver heads and you will be amazed at what you’re able to do as your vehicle starts to misbehave. C & S Towing offers the best service possible at the most reasonable rates. We handle any type of towing needs, buy junk cars, provide roadside assistance and have complete locksmith services. We are currently serving Volusia and Seminole counties and are 24/7 available.

Adjustable Wrench

What about those other 3 percent of manmade items which are not held in place by screws? It is bolts! You will require a high quality adjustable wrench for these. They’re fantastic not only for the car, yet also for adjusting bicycles, furniture, and all other things that are bolt-held and require an additional turn or so! The basic, yet best starter kit includes the standard three-piece adjustable wrench. This wrench does not need to be fancy in order to get the job accomplished. If screws are not holding it together, nuts and bolts probably are.


Pliers are fantastic for getting a grip upon tiny bits and pieces, and you will have to have at least three flavors and sizes- wire cutting, heavy grooved, and needle-nosed pliers.


A hammer is helpful for a variety of actions, and a 16 ounce claw hammer really is the one and only hammer you’ll ever need. This hammer might just last you a lifetime, therefore, purchase a sturdy one that has a comfortable grip and absolutely keep one inside your car trunk, alongside the other excellent tools you ought to have with you.

Do not attempt to repair something you are not certain about, call C & S Towing for professional and expert towing services.

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