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by | Jan 5, 2014 | Futons

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Without a heater, the water in soft side waterbeds in Houston TX could become uncomfortably cool. Although there are no rules that mandate a heater, without one the waterbed surface may be too cold to lie on in comfort. There are a number of different types of waterbed heaters, they all warm the water in the pouch but they do so with differing levels of precision and some are more energy conservative than others. Waterbed heaters are safe to use but like anything else that runs on electricity, the directions that come with it should be closely followed so that any risk of shock is eliminated.

One common heater is a cap and bulb device. A cap and bulb heater consists of a copper wire that is inside a heating pad which is located under the liner of soft side waterbeds in Houston TX. The cap and bulb heater are not as precise as solid state heaters and normally are less energy efficient. The upside of a cap and bulb heater is the initial cost, they are more affordable but they are a reliable option. On the other hand, a solid state waterbed heater is managed by a microchip and uses far more sophisticated technology to heat the bed. Solid state heaters are extremely accurate and the digital readout can be set at a specific temperature which will be held exactly, they also are more energy efficient than the cap and bulb type.

So that the heater can be easily accessed they are mounted on the waterbed frame, this is very important for those that have digital displays and are infinitely adjustable. The majority of the heaters are shielded to ensure there is no magnetic interference. The water in the bed is heated indirectly so there is really no reason to be concerned about using electricity in close proximity to water.

Waterbeds come in two types, hard side and soft side. The traditional bed is hard-sided and consists of a large pouch of water that acts as the mattress. The single pouch design is less common as the newer models have interconnected chambers which reduces the movement of the water, making for a more comfortable sleep. A soft side water bed is similar but the pouch is enclosed in soft cotton. The heater that is used is unique for each style and they must not be misused for safety sake.

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