What Can Baggage Delivery Service Do that Airlines Can’t?

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Transportation and Logistics

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If you are like most people who travel, you worry about your luggage and think there’s nothing else to do. However, many have found that baggage delivery service options through certain couriers can help in ways that the airlines can’t. Instead of being upset at what the airline does or doesn’t do, find a better way to get your luggage to your destination with baggage delivery service options.


Baggage delivery means that the courier will pick up your luggage, or you can drop it off when convenient. Depending on when the luggage is shipped, you can have it waiting at your destination hotel, or it can follow you a few days later. You will need to contact the hotel and let them know there will be items for you to pick up, but this won’t be a problem with most hotels.


Though you may not think your unmentionables and sweaters worth something, most couriers that offer the baggage delivery service will provide insurance of up to $500 for your luggage. This includes the pieces of luggage you send, along with anything inside.

Many times, people prefer to pack another suitcase or duffle bag so that they can bring souvenirs back home. Instead of paying the high prices of airlines for extra baggage, consider a delivery service through a courier. The insurance will seem worth it if you are toting back some great souvenirs for friends. In order to determine the amount of insurance you need, consider how much all the items cost. Most couriers won’t offer more than $500 worth of insurance, though they may offer more insurance for very high-priced items or antiques.

Lost and Not Found

Airlines have a real problem with losing people’s luggage. While you may travel for years without a problem, it only takes once to dislike the airlines and their ways. If you have ever had your luggage lost, consider baggage delivery service options from couriers. While the threat of losing luggage is still there, they offer insurance, and the insurance will cover it if the luggage goes missing.

While this may not help you directly if you are in a foreign country without your clothing, it can help you find new clothes to wear for the duration of your trip and help you purchase new luggage future trips. For those who fear the worst, consider packing a few essentials, such as one full outfit and some bed clothes in a carry-on bag.