What Can You Expect From Dental Crowns?

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Dentistry

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Many people experience tooth damage, staining and other issues that make their teeth look less attractive. When a tooth has this kind of damage, it not only looks unsightly, but also can become unstable, making it more prone to damage. This can lead to you losing your tooth. To avoid this, it is important you know your options for treatment and protection. One of the most promising forms of treatment is found through dental crowns near Lakeview. These crowns completely cover the entire surface of the tooth and keep you from experiencing loss.

How are Crowns Applied to the Teeth?

If your dentist informs you of the need of dental crowns near Lakeview on your teeth, there is no reason to feel nervous. By knowing what to expect during the procedure, you will be better prepared.

First, your dentist will completely numb the area of your tooth. This is important so you do not have any pain throughout the procedure. The dentist will make sure you are completely numb and will then begin to work on shaping your tooth. The shaping process is the most involved portion of the procedure. Your tooth needs to be rounded on the square edges and lessened in size. This process makes the tooth shape resemble a peg so it fits in nicely with the crown.

Before adhering the crown permanently to your tooth, the dentist will first place the crown over the tooth, making sure it fits well. The dentist will need to make sure your tooth fits securely in the crown and that there are no spaces or looseness. With a tight seal, you will not be at risk for food getting caught inside the crown. The dentist will also check your bite, to make sure the crown does not interfere with your teeth closing properly. Once he or she is assured of a good fit, your crown will be glued into place permanently.

If you are interested in learning more about dental crowns near Lakeview, visit Family Dental Care and schedule a consultation appointment today. They can provide you with many different services, to keep your smile healthy.