What is making an “on contingency” payment to an attorney

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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When you have an opportunity to pay an attorney on contingency that simply means that the attorney fees will be determined by the amount of settlement that is awarded in the event the case is successful. If the attorney does not win the case for his or her client, then there will be no claim for attorney fees. Many people are mistakenly led to believe that if their attorney fails to win the case they will not have to pay anything, this is not the case. Although the actual attorney fees may not have to be paid, any expenses that the accident attorney in Victorville CA incurred in the pursuit of your case will have to be paid; these expenses can be such things as getting medical reports, expert witnesses, court costs, etc.

In the event the plaintiff loses the case, there is no need for attorneys fees but; win or lose, the plaintiff will still have to pay the attorney for all expenses that were made on your behalf.

When the accident attorney in Victorville CA and the client agree that the attorney will get paid on contingency, the fee is negotiated as a percentage of whatever the award might be, either an out of court settlement or an award by the court in the event the case goes to trial. This will be more than the normal fee of the attorney but there are many advantages that need to be considered.

  • The expense will be less in the event the claim is denied
  • If the award is paid over a period of time, the attorney also will be paid over time
  • A person of limited means may be able to engage a superior lawyer
  • The attorney will work harder as the fee is at stake
  • The attorney who agrees to a contingency payment is often more secure in believing the case is winnable on its merits

The downside to a contingency arrangement is that the client will have to give up more of the award as well as all expenses. When the client considers that he or she may be getting representation from a highly skilled attorney, it stands to reason that the award will be higher, and as such, the eventual settlement may be to the advantage of the client after all.

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