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The difference between an MRI and a MRA

An MRI is a method of providing the physician with an image of what is going on inside the body of a patient. An MRA, which uses the same technology, is used to develop a specific image of blood vessels. The MRA offers a very specific and narrow focus whereas an MRI


Hiring a Paternity Attorney in Kansas City

While a child’s mother’s identity is usually easy to establish, proving the identity of a child’s father may be more difficult. In a paternity action, fatherhood is legally established; paternity issues most often appear in child support, inheritance, adoption and custody cases, but they may arise at other times as well.


Why You Should Hire a Professional for Siding Repairs

As with any part of your Columbus area home, at some point, your siding will need repaired. Some homeowners believe that they can save a bit of money by doing it themselves. Unfortunately this is often not a great choice. Too many bad things can happen when you attempt siding repairs in