Area Rugs in Charlotte Enhance the Appearance of a Room

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Home & Garden

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Choosing the right floor covering for your living space combines comfort and practicality with the design elements of the room. You may be reluctant to completely cover a beautiful wood or tile floor, but your feet need a warm and cushioned surface. In these cases, large area rugs frequently offer the best solution, providing comfort while still showcasing some of the beautiful flooring in the room. Carpet Discount Warehouse can help you choose Rugs in Charlotte that will highlight the room you’re decorating.

If you are furnishing a new home or re-decorating your existing house with area rugs, you can follow some design tips to ensure the rug enhances the room rather than detracting from it. The size of the rug does matter; experts recommend using a rug that is at least six inches smaller than the perimeter of the room but no less than 30 inches smaller. However, there are other design elements to consider. For example, an area rug used in a foyer or entry hall shouldn’t have any furniture place on it, while an area rug in the corner of a bedroom is the best place to position a chair or desk. In a living room, an area rug becomes a focal point of the seating arrangement.

Area rugs aren’t limited simply to rectangular or even oblong shapes. Round rugs are also popular, as are square rugs for specific spaces. The lines of the furniture in a room frequently dictate the shape of the rug, although that’s not a hard and fast rule. Bathrooms are often excellent spaces in which to place a round area rug, even though the furnishings and appliances are usually rectangular or square. The way the rug is positioned also adds visual interest to a room. Finally, the color and pattern of the rug is an important choice. If you have the opportunity to decorate an empty room, consider purchasing the area rug first and then complementing its colors on the walls and in accent pieces.

Carpet Discount Warehouse can help you find the perfect area rug for the space you’re decorating from its wide range of in-stock rugs. If a piece of carpeting will better enhance your room, an area rug can be cut from the roll and binding can be applied. Your floors need not detract from your decor. Rugs in Charlotte from Carpet Discount Warehouse will ensure that doesn’t happen.