The Aspects of Bee Control in San Diego

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Home & Garden

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Bees are crucial to the environment. They are responsible for pollinating plants, including the fruits and vegetables consumed by humans. While all bees are responsible for this important process, they are not welcome insects in your home or where you and your children play in your yard. Bee Control in San Diego is not about killing bees, but about the proper removal and relocation of bees to preserve the environment. The following will provide you will information you may not know about bees and bee removal.

  • Honey bees – These bees not only pollinate plants, they also make delicious honey. These bees are organized and every hive has its Queen Bee that decides where the hive will be built and organizes the worker bees. Worker bees do all the work in the hive. A little known fact about worker bees is that they are all female. Drone bees are all male bees whose sole purpose is to fertilize the Queen, after which they immediately die.
  • Hive removal – Even though bees have their important place in the environment, a hive in the wrong place can be a danger to you and your family. The only time hives become a problem is when the Queen bee decides to build it where you and your family eat and play outdoors, or inside your walls, in sprinkler boxes, in chimneys, or in your roof. Proper removal of a bee hive by professional Bee Control in San Diego is crucial to not only getting rid of the bees on your property, but for preventing future infestations. Due to the importance of bees and pollination, the hives are relocated in a safer place instead of being destroyed.
  • Bee season – The established duration of the active bee season is between March and October. Hives remain in the late fall and winter, but activity is vastly reduced during the winter months. Winter, between November and February is the best time to address bee hive removal.

These are a few bee and bee removal facts that not every knows, but should know. Understanding how important they are in the pollination process and the food supply, should make you think twice before trying to destroy a hive and kill bees. If you have a problem with these insects on your property, Bee Best Bee Removal offers professional services.