Quick and Simple tips to Maintaining the Spine in Rf Ablasion Edmond

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Pain Management Physician

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Few things are as important as spine maintenance. The spine is the crux of the entire human body. Structurally, it is tied to every component of the body. Taking care of the spine is essential, but it does not have to be time consuming. Below are a few basic and even overlooked tips to maintaining the health and longevity of the spine amidst increasingly growing concerns. Browse website for more information.

Shoulder Control: Posture can be quite limiting, and poor posture can be damaging. Try to keep the shoulders rolled back often. When one notices that their posture is pulling forward and their shoulders are leaning frontward, it is time to practice holding them back. This will help the muscles in the chest as well as shoulders and back. But it also helps keep the upper spine straightened. Poor posture over a long period of time could be consequential.

Lift Properly: Many people underestimate how imposing a poor lift can be on the spine. The proper way is to stand close to the object. Lift the items from the legs as opposed to the upper back. This will assist in the bending of the knees, where the legs and knees in conjunction will take on the bulk of the weight. Displacing this to the upper back is a huge negative and should be avoided at all times. This is something that many workers dealing with Rf Ablasion Edmond have to keep in mind as the rely on their backs to get the job done.

Drink Water: This seems so obvious and superfluous; it may seem too repetitive to mention it at all. But few people understand that water fuels the spine as well. It maintains a high quality tissue in the spine that allows it stretch and flex appropriately. The spinal discs are vulnerable to water loss, so when one is dehydrated it is often the spinal discs and their soft tissue that take a quick hit as well as the first hit.

Darryl D Robinson is a spinal practitioner in Edmond. He has serviced the Rf Ablasion Edmond area for many years with a staff of masterful assistances and nurses.

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