When You Need a Notary Public in Brooklyn, NY

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Shipping

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With identify theft on the rise, it can be complicated to conduct business transactions and prove who you are to the right people. While there are some methods that will help with this, you can let a Notary Public in Brooklyn, NY help do this for you. They are a trained and licensed professional who can look at and verify documents and the identity of individuals for official and government purposes. Regardless of what you are trying to do, a notary public can provide the identity proving skills you need to close the deal. Here are just a few of the many times that you can benefit from hiring a notary to help you conduct a transaction.

Car Sales

When you are buying or selling a car, you have to sign the title to show proof of whose name the car is in. A notary is necessary to prove to the state that the individuals listed on the title were indeed the ones who conducted the transaction. This prevents theft and fraud, and ensures that the car can only be sold by the rightful owner.

House Sales

A house is a major investment. It is important that you have a Notary Public in Brooklyn, NY that you trust to notarize all of the signatures on the documents that are required to transfer ownership. This will prevent the bank or previous owner from having any claim on the property, and ensure that the sale is legally allowed to proceed. Don’t buy or sell a home without a notary.


An affidavit is a legal document that binds you to a statement or form. It is stating that you are legally representing yourself and that everything you have submitted is accurate. A notary must sign this form in order to give any legal meaning to the document. Without the notary seal, it is not guaranteed who signed the document, and therefor leaves it unusable in a court of law.

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