Tips for freight packing and crating

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Shipping

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Proper packaging is important to ensure that the goods reach their destination in the same condition they were in when they left. Many of the better carriers will refuse to carry goods which are not packed properly as they do not wish to accept the liability. It is easy to ship using crating shipping in Salt Lake City.

If you are going to pack your own goods, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about the task, here are the general guidelines to safe packing and shipping.

  • Everything should be in a container of some sort, a carton, crate or other means of protection. Shippers shy away from transporting loose items such as a sofa simply wrapped in plastic film. If the individual item or crate is in excess of 200 pounds, then the load must be placed on skids or a pallet so the load can be moved with a fork truck.
  • Separate all fragile items from non-fragile. If the freight is heavy machinery, stoves, refrigerators, etc, they must be crated and placed on a pallet for moving around.
  • Non-fragile items, such as clothing, plastic items, carpets, etc, should all be placed in sturdy boxes or containers such as drums. Any items that can possibly be damaged by water should be in plastic bags before being placed in the box. Fill any gaps in the carton with bubble wrap, pillows or foam pieces; this stops any movement from taking place during transit.
  • Fragile items, computers, glass, artwork, etc, need to be wrapped separately in foam or bubble wrap. The protection should be about 2” all around the object. Place the fragile items snuggly in the carton, pad around the inside of the box as the goods are being put in. If the objects are very valuable the solution for extra protection is to pack the first box in a second box which is about six inches larger. The gap between the two can be filled with packing material, giving considerable extra protection.
  • Pallets should be used when there are multiple boxes. The individual boxes can be stacked squarely on the pallet and secured with stretchable plastic film. When placing the film around the load, the objective is to make the individual boxes appear and act as one. The finished wrap should not wobble; the wrap must go under the edges of the pallet to make sure the load does not slide off.

Large, heavy items should be contained in crating shipping in Salt Lake City. It is best to have the crates manufactured by a professional group as they have all the skills that are necessary. The crates that they manufacture are unique for the item to be enclosed.