Is Your Home Too Cluttered to Sell? Storage Services in Huntsville Have a Solution

by | Jun 9, 2015 | Moving Services

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If you’ve been planning to sell your home and are wondering where you will put all of your belongings while the house is on the market, consider renting some storage space. Storage vaults are great for temporarily storing your belongings while potential buyers are visiting your home. They also serve to provide a secure environment for your possessions before they are loaded on the truck on moving day.

The Best Way to Declutter is to Start at the Front Door
Imagine yourself as a potential buyer. What is the first thing you notice when you walk through your door? Is there a coat rack in the entrance, spilling over with jackets, backpacks and grocery bags? Hang your coats in the closet and set the coat rack aside for storage. Huntsville realtors will tell you that potential buyers form a first impression of your home within the first 45 seconds of stepping inside. Make sure you have a welcoming entrance that’s clean and clutter-free.

Pack Up Portraits, Knick Knacks and Personal Treasures
Few buyers will swoon over grandma’s teacups on the open shelves in the kitchen, or be interested in little Johnny’s wall-to-wall trophies in the family room. Remove all personal possessions that are not necessary to have on hand, and wrap them for storage. Huntsville moving companies offer secure storage solutions for safely storing your personal possessions until moving day. At that time, the items in storage can be picked up and delivered directly to your new home.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Increase Resale Value
The two most important rooms of any home, in Huntsville and in cities across America, are the kitchen and bathroom. Typically these rooms hold a lot of extra stuff. Keep counters clean and tidy by storing toiletries, hair dryers and medications in a cabinet. In the kitchen, go through all the kitchen gadgets you rarely use and consider getting rid of them. Organize your pantry and cupboards and wrap any dishes that you don’t use every day, to be put with all the boxes you’ve designated for storage. Your home has a lot to offer potential buyers. Decluttering can help them see that.

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