Types of Services Offered by Moving Services Companies in Fort Myers FL

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Moving Services

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Moving services involve relocating goods from one place to another. The art of moving is not an easy process. It is not only time consuming but also tiring and time demanding. This explains the reason as to why most people opt to use moving services. Although moving companies ask for a fee, they save clients the hassle of getting exhausted by work. Consider the services offered by moving services companies in Fort Myers FL.

Auto transport service

In this service, a car is loaded into a truck and moved to the desired location. It is commonly used for long distance re-locations. The client is assured that the vehicle shall arrive safely and timely.

Packing service

This service totally eliminates the hassle of moving. This is because the movers visit the site with moving supplies and pack, organize and store items. All items are wrapped in tape to ensure they are safely packed. They differentiate fragile items and clearly label the boxes. Upon reaching the new destination, the movers unwrap and arrange the items as required.

Self – moving service

In this service, the client does all the packing and engages the movers only to transport goods to the desired location. Charges for this service depend on the weight of the goods and the space used in the truck. Though labor intensive for the customer, it is cost effective.

Corporate relocation

Moving services experts in Fort Myers FL also serve as corporate movers. Corporate relocation involves moving records, equipment and files from one location to the other. This service requires well experienced and professional movers as it is more complex than other services. It is the fastest growing arm of the moving industry.

Moving boxes

New and used boxes are available in stores. If the customer has some valuable items that require much care, it is prudent to buy new boxes. It is advisable to buy small moving boxes to allow easy movement from one corner to the next. Dish packs are great for storing glasses, cups and wine bottles.

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